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Bits & Bobs (Christmas edition)

EN   Hello everyone! Today I thought to share bit and bobs from my Christmas waiting moments. Even though we all work, study and are occupied by daily stuff, it’s good to stop a little bit and enjoy this beautiful Christmas…


Butter Cookies with Homemade Salted Caramel

EN   My Christmas mood is completely on since last weekend. It’s no secret that this time of the year is my most beloved and magical period. I’ve already started thinking about the gifts in early November and now it was…


Gift Guide For Her

EN  18 days till Christmas. Woohoo! I started making lists and thinking about gifts in early November. I like to enjoy the process, do everything without pressure, that’s why I started earlier. But for those who leave gift shopping for the…


Black Ripped Jeans x Heels

EN   Hey guys! I think you still remember this turtleneck sweater from few posts ago, but this time I wanted to style it in more elegant way by adding classic black heels, yet keeping it still cool with black…


Ideas For Weekday Dinner

EN   It’s not a secret that I like to cook and I like to eat. And I like to hit the gym. You know, just for the sake of balance 🙂 I would love to share here more of…


Black Tights x Black Shorts

EN   In the past I used to think that tights and shorts don’t go well together, at some point I still do think like this now, but not when it comes to tights and shorts both in black. In…


Chunky Turtleneck Sweater

EN   If you want to stay warm and cozy the chunky turtleneck sweater is your best choice. Well at least for me. I found this very warm and very cozy sweater at Mango few weeks ago and it instantly became…



EN   I don’t remember when was the last time I bought a lipstick, maybe before the summer, soooo I decided that it was about the time to update my lipstick collection and bring in some new autumn shades. Few…


Weekend’s Uniform

EN   There are days when you don’t feel like talking. So here I am in my not willing to talk day. Well it happens, and it’s fine, I don’t force myself. Sometimes silence is better than hundreds unnecessary words.…


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