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New Nail Polishes For Spring

EN   I have a pretty large arsenal of nail polishes, but every season I like to get few new shades, because I tend to get bored quite easily of all colors I already own. Plus, the sun hasn’t been…


My Top Six Instagram Accounts

EN   I have to admit that Instagram is my most favorite social media ever. Though Snapchat is the new thing, I still haven’t dived into. I have it, but I don’t use it at all. In general, I am…


White Shirt Dress

EN   Happy Friday everyone! You have already seen this white shirt dress in my previous post (here), but this time I wanted to go for a bit different look, more feminine, more chic, so that’s why I added heels…


Lemon Tartelette

EN   About a month ago, I baked these cute little lemon tartelettes for my boyfriend’s birthday. The initial plan was to bake a big cake, but then I somehow changed my mind and decided to go for few smaller…


Cropped Sweater For Spring

EN   Finally I am in my new home. Thank you all for your nice comments about moving. Everything feels weird, new and unknown. There are still plenty stuff to do, I don’t even speak about the decor. Still a…


Dry Shampoo Game

EN   We all already know well how dry shampoo can save our day. I always have one bottle in my bathroom and if I accidentally run out of it and don’t have an extra packaging, not good, totally not…


Life Lately

EN   Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I posted here last time. So I wanted to give a quick update why I am not posting on my blog as usual. I think I know what you are going…


White on White

EN   I can definitely say that Mango is one of my favorite stores ever. I always (literally) find something I really like there and never leave empty handed. So it happened few weeks ago, I fell in love with…


Lemon Yogurt Cake

EN   What do you do when it’s raining and it’s windy as hell on Sunday? I bake the cake! And you see the result in this post. I love anything lemon related, so no wonder why I chose this…


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