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Spicy Bean Stew

It’s been quite freezing outside last few weeks, but very sunny at the same time. Oh gosh how I missed some sunlight peeking through the windows, so I’ve been really enjoying this frosty, yet so sunny weather lately. I am…


Coffee Table Books

I am an old school when it comes to paper version/ hard cover books. I love the feeling when I hold a real book in my hands, the sound and the action of turning pages is so lovely and something…


Coconut Spiced Prawn Curry

A chilly winter evening calls for a warm, hearty, simple dinner made at home without a lot of efforts. That’s my favourite thing. I love to cook, I adore discovering new recipes, trying new things, but I am all about…



I am a huge fan of jeans. Even though I have enough of them, I still can’t resist to get a new pair. This time I was on the hunt for the classic blue high waist jeans with no details,…


Chateau d’Ansembourg

Few weekends ago we decided to take advantage of a beautiful weather and to visit some place we haven’t yet been in Luxembourg. There are so many castles here, so this time we went to a beautiful Chateau d’Ansembourg. It…


Black leather skirt

It’s not so easy to find a perfect leather/faux leather skirt. It took me ages to find the right cut, the right length and the design that doesn’t look cheep or vulgar. Once again, I grabbed this skirt from Zara…