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February Wishlist

The Spring is almost here and it’s the best moment to update our wardrobes with a few new pieces. I’ve really been into snakeskin print fashion lately, so my February wishlist is all about that. I’ve been meaning to reorganise…


Central Park (NYC)

I’s been some time since I stopped by here, but I’ve been enjoying summer to the fullest and it has been nothing but amazing. I know it’s already October and I am still reminiscing about summer months. The weather was…


Speculoos Cheesecake with Raspberries

I’ve always liked a piece of good cheesecake. I used to bake it quite often, but it’s been awhile now since I prepared even a simple cheesecake at home. It was about time to change it. The recipe I am…


My Summer Wishlist

We are having such a beautiful and warm summer here in Belgium it’s unbelievable. So obviously the sunshine inspires me and makes me want light, pastel summery colors in my wardrobe. I have a huge wishlist, and you can easily…


Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Recently I have significantly reduced processed sugar in my life. No, I don’t quit at all, I still love my weekend’s croissant and a piece of cake occasionally. My goal was to reduce the processed sugar intake on a daily…


Remodeling Face with Biologique Recherche

My first time trying Biologique Recherche was a very long time ago when I had just entered university. I had a roommate who was working as a beautician and she was using Biologique Recherche products, so she introduced them to…


Spicy Bean Stew

It’s been quite freezing outside last few weeks, but very sunny at the same time. Oh gosh how I missed some sunlight peeking through the windows, so I’ve been really enjoying this frosty, yet so sunny weather lately. I am…


Coffee Table Books

I am an old school when it comes to paper version/ hard cover books. I love the feeling when I hold a real book in my hands, the sound and the action of turning pages is so lovely and something…


Coconut Spiced Prawn Curry

A chilly winter evening calls for a warm, hearty, simple dinner made at home without a lot of efforts. That’s my favourite thing. I love to cook, I adore discovering new recipes, trying new things, but I am all about…


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