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I’s been some time since I stopped by here, but I’ve been enjoying summer to the fullest and it has been nothing but amazing. I know it’s already October and I am still reminiscing about summer months. The weather was amazing here in Belgium, I spend so much time outside enjoying late evenings, I got back into jogging with my dog buddy. The last few months were also packed with trips to New York, Lithuania, Portugal and France. I just really tried to take as much as possible from this summer. But before moving to autumnal mood, I have plenty of photos to share from all my travels. Though it takes me forever to sort out all the photos and post them on my blog, I will do my best.

While visiting New York, we spent couple of hours exploring Central Park. I really liked that there were so many different activities in one park. Walking dogs, jogging, bicycling, yoga, singing. It’s like there were a spot and an activity for everyone. And they do have traffic lights in the park, which I’ve never seen before, so I found it

For that day I wore this &other stories dress. I think it was one of the most worn items during the summer 2018. I bought this dress while I was in Madrid and I am so happy I did it, because I just feel very good wearing it. As for my shoes, I opted for sneakers from ECCO that are unbelievably comfortable. I wish I could wear something more feminine, (you know you are in New York you want to be all instagrammable) but we walked so many kilometers by foot that it would have been impossible for me to survive without blisters. So here it is my look: trying to look presentable and stay comfortable at the same time.

Fashion inspo NYC
Central park in summer
Summer fashion
Central park New York

Summer look in NYC


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