Speculoos Cheesecake with Raspberries

I’ve always liked a piece of good cheesecake. I used to bake it quite often, but it’s been awhile now since I prepared even a simple cheesecake at home. It was about time to change it. The recipe I am sharing today is very simple and easy to assemble, it doesn’t look like these perfectly round, smooth no bump cakes, which I love, don’t get me wrong, but this one tastes pretty darn good and I find the rustic look charming. I baked this cheesecake for a family reunion and everyone really enjoyed it. A real success!

cheesecake with raspberies

SPECULOOS CHEESECAKE WITH RASPBERRIES slightly modified from magazine Simply You

For the crust
Speculoos biscuits 220g
Butter 70g, unsalted and melted

For the filling
Cream cheese 500g, room temperature
Sugar 120g
Vanilla sugar 1 tbsp
Eggs 2
Sour cream 160ml
Fresh raspberries 250g
Powdered sugar for decoration

– Preheat the oven to 180°C degrees and line the bottom of a round cake tin with baking paper.

– Place biscuits in a food processor and blend it until crushed to fine crumbs. Combine crumbs with butter in a medium size bowl and then flatten the mixture on the bottom of the prepared tin.

– Bake in oven for about 10 minutes.

-Beat the cream cheese in a bowl until smooth. Add caster sugar and vanilla sugar and beat until smooth and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time beating after each addition and scraping down bowl as necessary. Add sour cream and continue beating for about 10 minutes.

-Poor cheesecake batter into cooled speculoos crust and bake about 1h or until done (top is starting to brown and crack). Turn off oven and prop oven door open for about 1 hour. Then remove from the oven and cool to room temperature. Once completely cool transfer the cake to the fridge for about 2h.

– Place raspberries on top before serving the cake and sprinkle some powdered sugar. Time to enjoy!!!

P.S. The original recipe is baked in a water bath, but I baked without it and it turned out perfectly. Last time when I tried to bake in a water bath, I didn’t seal well my tin with aluminium and the cake turned out all damp, because the water got through the tin and soaked my cake. If you do bake in a water bath, make sure you isolate very well your tin.

tarte d'ete


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