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I am an old school when it comes to paper version/ hard cover books. I love the feeling when I hold a real book in my hands, the sound and the action of turning pages is so lovely and something that a electronic book reader won’t be able to transmit. I love going to the library and searching, taking my time to choose the book I want, I also love to order online, and to get a book as a gift always makes me very happy. Here are my few latest and newest coffee table books that I want to share.

“A year of beautiful eating” by Madeleine Shaw I spotted on one youtube channel and felt I might like it, so I put it on my Christmas wishlist. And I am so so happy I did it, because this book is absolutely amazing. As you can see I bookmarked almost every recipe, and I’ve already made 4 or 5 of them and they all turned out perfectly, delicious, healthy and yet simple.

coffee table books

“Eat beautiful” by Wendy Rowe. I have to make a confession about this one. I didn’t do a lot of research about this book, I was more attracted by the cover, this beautiful pale pink colour and shiny letters. Sadly, this book is a bit of disappointment. The content is very basic, it feels like it’s a summery from the internet that was put with beautiful images and that’s all. It took me some time to find the recipes I would like to try from there, so I had to go back to this book several times. I like the seasonal recipe layout, but I wouldn’t recommend this book specifically for recipes, more as a pretty coffee table book.

Garance Dore “Love x Style x Life”  book I’ve had for some time, but only now I started to read it slowly whenever I feel I want something easy and funny.

Ajahn Braham “Dramblys, kuris pamirso laime” or in english “Don’t worry, be grumpy”. I read two more books of this author some time ago and I really like the feeling when you read them. It’s calm, peaceful and there are always few advice, quotes to take from his books.


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