Cut Out Shoulder Sweater

styling cut out shoulder sweater

Cut out shoulder sweaters and mules are all over the internet. I am happy that mules are so in fashion right now, because they are so comfortable, bye bye blisters :)) I got this pair from New Look via Asos few months ago. I decided to go for a nude colour so that it goes well with everything and I can admit now that it was my best decision. Speaking about the sweater, it’s my first cut out shoulder sweater. I did hesitate a little bit before buying it, because of the usefulness of this sweater. I have to admit that these cut outs don’t make this sweater the warmest thing in the world. Knowing that I am always cold, it is a big issue. Anyway, the colour and cut outs are beautiful, but I won’t be wearing  a lot this sweater in winter time :)) On the other hand, it’s a very nice transitional piece in a wardrobe to have. 


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