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Style recap 2016

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great time during all festivities. I did and I am sad that everything is already over… Looking back into 2016, I am not sure if it was my best year, it was just okay, but I hope 2017 will be better and more fun. At least, I will try to do my best! The best thing what happened last year was our dog – English Cocker Spaniel, who we called Bambou. He brought a lot of joy in our every day life. It’s crazy how dogs can be so happy and excited to see you every time. I know he hasn’t made an appearance on the blog yet, but he does from time to time on my Instagram page.

Speaking about the outfits. Well, in 2016, there was a lot of grey, blue, black and white. My favourite colours. I didn’t experiment a lot of with my style, I tended to stick with basics and casual most of the time, but this year I decided to challenge myself and experiment a little bit more. Fashion should be fun, and I guess in 2016 I forgot it a bit. I also noticed that I posted less outfit posts last year, so one of my blog related goals for 2017 is to create more ‘My style’ articles and to improve their quality, maybe change a little bit the presentation or at least improve my posing skills (I am speaking about my favourite ‘right hand touching my hair’ pose :)) So to start a new year, I gathered all my style articles in this post.

Wish you all the best for 2017! Let’s be strong, let’s be more confident and let’s stress less! I will leave you now with one of my favourite quotations:

live! live the wonderful life that is in you! let nothing be lost upon you! be always searching for new sensation! be afraid of nothing! 

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