La Pochette de Janette {September}

La Pochette de Janette-review

Normally, I don’t like to hear a doorbell, because it always surprises and somehow shakes me, but when a postman comes, I am totally okay with that. Few weeks ago I heard an unexpected doorbell and a postman delivered La Pochette de Janette, September’s issue. I am always excited to unpack a nice wrapping and to find out the germs hiding inside this cute clutch bag. I will share with you what I got right away.


Dažniausiai netikėti durų skambučiai mane sutrikdo ir nemaloniai nustebina, tačiau kai pamatau paštininko uniformą, tuomet nusiraminu ir apsidžiaugiu. Taip nutiko prieš porą savaičių, kai išgirdau tą netikėtą ding dong ir sulaukiau paštininko su siuntinuku. Visuomet smagu pasižiūrėti, kas čia atvyko ir nekantriai, bet atsargiai išpakuoti gražų įpakavimą. Šį sykį tai buvo rugsėjo mėnesio La Pochette de Janette, kurią jau esu aprašiusi kelis kartus anksčiau. Šiandien dalinuosi su jumis, koks gėris slėpėsi šioje kosmetinėje.

Luxembourg beauty blog

BRACELET ‘I love you to the moon and back’ from Ame&Lys, a french jewelry designer. It’s a delicate, gold color piece, which I find cute.

Simply Magnifique blog

TWEEZERS from Filosofille has a unique design. I’ve already tried and it works really well, it catches the hair easily and does what it supposes to do. Happy to have these tweezers in stock.

NAIL POLISH from ‘Be cosmetics’ in the color burgundy. A perfect shade for autumn. I’ve never tried this brand, so I don’t know yet how long this nail polish stays on the nails and how it applies.

WASHABLE MAKE UP REMOVING WIPE from ‘Tendances d’Emma’. Again french brand who invites you to use this washable wipe instead of tons of cotton pads, save money and the environment. It says it can be used with any type of beauty product like lotion, oil based, water based etc. I will definitely give this a try, if my skin accepts it well, so why not to stop using cotton pads.

TEA BAGS ‘Or tea’. Never heard, never tried. I got three Chinese tea bags: Monkey Pinch, DRagon Well and Mount Feather. It will be never enough of tea!

Last two items (if I can call it this way) would be one month English language course online at EF (Education First). I think these kind of courses are useful, especially when English is not your mother tongue language. And the last thing I got is a gift card for 5 sessions of body massage with a H2O Body System or one month fitness at Lady Fitness Luxembourg, if I understood it right.. I am not very into this gift, because I have a subscription to my local gym and I like it.

I was happy to receive and review this La Pochette de Janette, and I am eager to use most of the content.

Thank you Janette magazine for the collaboration.


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