My Top Six Instagram Accounts

top Instagram accounts to follow

EN   I have to admit that Instagram is my most favorite social media ever. Though Snapchat is the new thing, I still haven’t dived into. I have it, but I don’t use it at all. In general, I am always late to the train with all technologies and that stuff. So Instagram remains my most beloved app so far. I’ve never done a post where I share my favorite Instagram accounts, so I thought it would be nice to do it now. I like these kind of posts myself, because I always find one or two new and great accounts to follow, so maybe you will find something you like too. This time I am sharing the accounts from around the world (though mostly from the United States) and the next time I will share my top Instagramers from Lithuania and Benelux countries. So stay tuned!


LT   Turiu pripažinti, kas Instagram’as yra vienas iš mano mėgstamiausių socialinių tinklų. Nors dabar labai ant bangos yra Snapchat, tačiau aš vis dar nesugebėjau jo prisijaukinti ir pamėgti. Turiu jį, bet absoliučiai nenaudoju. Apskritai kalbant, aš visuomet esu šiek tiek pavėlavusi su technologijomis ir visomis programėlėmis, tačiau Snapchat’as kažkodėl kolkas nelimpa. Gal kiek vėliau pradės.. Todėl Instagram išlieka mano labiausiai mylima ir naudojama programa šiai dienai. 

Dar nė kartelio nerašiau įrašo kaip šiandien, kur dalinčiausi savo mėgstamiausiais Instagram žmonėmis, nors pati labai mėgstu skaityti tokius įrašus, nes visuomet atrandu nors vieną ar dvi naujas, vertas sekimo paskyras. Tad tikiuosi, kad ir jūs rasite kažką naujo ir jums patinkančio šiame įraše. Šį sykį dalinuosi paskyromis iš viso pasaulio (nors didžioji dalis yra iš Amerikos), o kitą kartą pasidalinsiu mėgstamiausiomis paskyromis iš Lietuvos ir Beneliukso!

favorite Instagram accounts to follow


The realiest omg… I just love this beautiful, young and stylish woman. She is my absolutely favorite youtuber and blogger. She has a great style, a great sense of humour, plus she has two cute bulldogs!! :)) I am obsessed with her (sounds a bit creepy), but I love watch her videos, vlogs, because it always gives me a good mood. Besides she feels so down to earth, even though she is popular and well known in a you tube world.

top travel instagram accounts


I started following this girl long time ago, when she was writing more like a fashion blog. It’s been some time since she changed her blogging direction and now she shares beautiful, breath taking and envy giving (in a good way) photos. Plus, she has such a good sense of style for everything. Seriously, everything.

top fashion instagram accounts


Another beautiful, young woman who has an amazing style and writing skills. She shares her outfits and stories of her life, how she is trying to find her way through the life. Sometimes I feel I resemble everything she is going through. Lovely to read and to look at her content.

favorite family instagram accounts


It’s one of the first blogs I started reading long long time go. So long time ago, that this cute couple were just married and didn’t have any babies. Now they have three little toddlers, that’s how long I follow their journey. Family blog, beautiful pictures, contagious smiles, so much positivity and good energy happening there. A dream family!

megstamiausios Instagram paskyros


Cute Instagram account with details from Kate’s life. She has such a good sense for interior design that always makes me say: ‘wow, I want this too at my home’. Plenty of eye catching photos from her home to beauty finds and much more.

top instagram paskyros


Oh this woman will make me shoeholic soon, because she has so many beautiful shoes that make my jaw drop down every time I see a new post. Meet Sheryl, super stylish blogger. Her style is so right up my alley, feminine, yet with a little twist. I am in love with her :)))

I hope you liked this post and you found something new! If you have your favorite Instagram accounts, please write it down in the comments, because I love to find new gems!!!! Have a productive week guys!!!


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