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EN   Hello hello!! I hope you all are doing fine!! We have snow in Belgium, which is awesome! So beautiful outside. Yesterday we went for a walk in the forest and it was magical. Sunny, white, calm, peaceful, no one around you, only the sleeping nature. I really appreciate moments like this. They make me happy, they calm me and as much as it sounds cheesy, they make me dream over and over again…which is a great thing. I like to dream, maybe sometimes I dream more than I should or at least I should do more for making these dreams come true. But well that’s me, always need someone to kick my butt towards my own dreams :))

For today’s post I decided to gather few bits and bobs that make me excited and happy. I am that kind of girl who is so capable of enjoying little things like these new very minimal earrings that my sister gave me for Christmas. They are made from the wood and colored in gold color, they are perfect when I wear a statement necklace, but I still want/need something in my ears. Thank you, sister, for know me so well!! :))


LT   Sveiki sveiki!!!! Tikiuosi laikotės puikiai!! Pagaliau ir Belgiją pasiekė sniegas, kas yra tiesiog nuostabu!! Lauke taip gražu gražu. Ta proga vakar išėjome pasivaikščioti po mišką. Buvo saulėta, balta, ramu, tyku, nė vieno prašalaičio aplink, tik tu pats ir mieganti gamta. Labai vertinu tokias akimirkas. Buvo taip gera minti niekieno nepramintais takais ir mėtyti savąsias pėdas baltame sniege. Tokios akimirkos man suteikia laimės, ramumo ir kad ir kaip banaliai skambės, verčia svajoti. Aš labai mėgstu svajoti, kartais daugiau nei turėčiau ir kartais turėčiau daugiau padirbėti, kad tos svajonės virstų realybe. Tokia jau esu, vis reikia spyrio iš šono, kad judėčiau savo svajonių link :))

Šiandienos įrašui sugalvojau surinkti visokius dalykėlius, kurie mane džiugina pastaruoju metu. Esu iš tų merginų, kurios sugeba pasidžiaugti mažais dalykėliais, kaip kad šiais mažučiukais auskarais, kuriuos sesė man padovanojo Kalėdų proga. Tai mediniai auskariukai, padengti aukso spalvos dažais, puikiai man tinkantys prie statement vėrinių, kai vis vien kažko norisi/reikia ausyse, bet kartu neperkraunančio. Tad dar kartelį ačiū sesei už tai, kad puikiai žino mano skonį!!:))

home decor-candles, candelaria

Archipelago Botanicals candle Black Orchid. During my stay in Lithuania I got quite few scented candles myself and as a gift from the Candelaria Home Fragrances boutique. I love burning candles and I love when they really have a scent that fills the whole room and it even stays for another day without burning. There is no evening without burning a candle in my home, like no evening, especially during winter.

home decor/perfume collection

I have a little (or maybe a bit bigger :)) perfume collection and I was searching for a tray to put nicely all my bottles. And I managed to find it just before Christmas in H&M home section, so obviously I got it. Now all my collection is nicely displayed, and every time I look at it, it makes me smile and use perfumes with a huge satisfaction.

This little dotted notebook is a place where I write all my blog related ideas. It’s like my blog post ideas brainstorming book. The L’oreal lipstick aside is the lipstick I am currently trying to use up. I want to use up older lipsticks so that I could replace them with new ones :)) This nude by J.Lo is a beautiful nude color that I use for everyday bases. It doesn’t stay well on the lips, but I really like the shade and how it looks on my lips.

fashion blogger accessories

Another gift, this time from my mother. Two handmade leather bracelets. They are my new favorite bracelets. Super beautiful and stylish, I’ve already wore them in my newest style post which is coming up on Friday. So don’t forget to check it out!

Oups, another gift from Christmas again :)) This post is turning into ‘What I got for Christmas post’ :)))) but hey, I got such lovely and thoughtful gifts that make me very happy, so why not to share if it is something I really like. Just look at this beautiful glassware. I adore things like this and my sister knows it very well, so I was more than happy to receive it. When I came back home I filled it with Lithuanian candies that I have a weakness for. Oh yes, a big and serious weakness. I took plenty of candies to Belgium, because seriously Lithuanian sweets are so good!!! :))

home decor/ glass bowl

celebration decoration

We finally have gorgeous and chic champagne glasses. Now all we need to do is not to break them little by little :)) because they are so thin and sleek. We got them before Christmas with a discount which was really great. In case you wondered they are from Leonardo and called Puccini champagne glasses. For someone who loves some bubbles like me it is an amazing purchase!

home decor/winter flower

I have two little winter flowers (I don’t know what’s their proper name, anyway I always call them winter flowers :)) Flowers make home more alive, I still need to get one big plant and maybe few succulents too. I used to laugh and roll my eyes on my sister when she was spending hours in flower shops, but here we go now, I start to enjoy it too :))) #everythingcomeswiththeage

pyjamas/ hunkemoller/blogger

Finally I have the comfiest pyjamas ever. OMG. This is something I want to get in and never get out. Seriously, it’s so comfortable and soft, and I just love it. I want to spend all my day in this :)))) Hunkemoller you made my evenings so soft and cozy!!

These are my collected bits and bobs from lately. I think it’s important to learn to appreciate little things, I think I always say this on my blog, but that’s something I truly believe! Have a nice week!! 



  1. January 19, 2016 / 7:42 pm

    So many lovely items! I love the earrings and the candle would be welcome at my home as well 😉


    • January 21, 2016 / 3:37 pm

      Thank you! Yes, candles are always so so welcome on my side too :)))

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