LUSH Christmas Collection

Lush Christmas collection

EN   Last Tuesday I got an opportunity to attend the Lush Winter’s collection presentation. And oh boy, I must say that they have an amazing Winter collection over there. Like seriously. So much glitter, snow dusts and magic sticks going on. As always presentation was accompanied by finger food, coffee and tea, Christmas playlist, great blogger company and all the nice Lush employees. I was lucky to take home to try some of their new products, so I wanted to show them to you too, in case you are hesitating to buy or not. The selection of new products is so big that I am sure you will find something for your friend, sister, mother as a gift or even for yourself as a little pre-Christmas treat for surviving a difficult week. A little self spoiling thing never hurts, I know that you know this already, right girls? 😉


LT  Praėjusį antradienį turėjau galimybę sudalyvauti LUSH naujos žiemos kolekcijos pristatyme. Ir o vaikyti, kokių gėrių ten galima rasti. Å irdis gali apleipti nuo tiek blizgučių, sniego dulkių ir įvairiausių stebuklo lazdelių. Kaip visuomet pristatymas buvo gražiai suorganizuotas su lengvais vieno kąsnio pyragėliais, kava ir arbata. Å auni blogerių kompanija, malonÅ«s Lush parduotuvės darbuotojai bei Kalėdinių dainų grojaraÅ¡tis sukÅ«rė jaukią Å¡ventinę atmosferą. Labai džiaugiuosi gavusi keletą naujų produktų iÅ¡bandymui, tad pamaniau, kad bÅ«tų Å¡aunu pasidalinti naujienomis su jumis, jei dar dvejojate, ar verta kažką iÅ¡ Lush pirkti ar ne. Žiemos kolekcijos pasirinkimas yra toks didelis, kad tikrai rasite Å¡aunią dovaną savo draugei, sesei ar mamai. Arba kažką mielo sau už praėjusią sunkią savaitę ar Å¡iaip savo motyvacijai pakelti. Mes, merginos, puikiai suprantame, kad kas geriau save palepins, jei ne pačios 😉

Lush Christmas collection

Let’s start with a SANTA’S BELLY shower jelly. It’s so slippery, which it makes complicated for me to use, I really need to gather my patience for this shower gel, but the scent is amazing and inside it has beautiful little stars. Very Christmas’y. The next is the FAIRY DUST dusting powder. It’s well perfumed and quite strong scent, which I adore. For me the stronger the better 🙂 You need to apply the dust on your skin, massage it and your skin will be covered in tiny sparkles.

Lush Santa's Baby lip tint

Then we have a lip tint SANTA’S BABY. It’s a really strong sexy red color. At first, I imagined it would be like a lip balm with a little bit of color, but hey no, this lip tint is like a serious red lipstick. I am not very used to wear this kind of bold and bright colors, but I will try to put it in a use somehow. The consistency is quite firm and it’s very pigmented, so you will need a mirror for applying it on your lips if you want to do it right. It’s definitely not the lip tint that you would apply like a simple tinted lip balm while driving a car. It has shea butter, so it’s hydrating. There is also carrot oil to soften and moisturize lips. Plus, it really stays well on the lips. Maybe even too well, because at the end it’s quite difficult and messy to remove.

Lush Christmas bath bombs

Bath bombs. So many shapes. So many scents. Simply beautiful collection. Let me introduce you to few of them. YOG NOG (the round one) bath bomb contains clove bud oil, shea butter and ylang ylang. BUTTERBEAR (white bear) has cacao butter and powder, ylang ylang in it that will make your skin soft. Bubble bar SANTA (cute little red Santa) is rich with cocoa butter and shea butter, and will color your bath in a light rosy color. Sparkling FIVE GOLD RINGS (below on the left) look like gingerbread and are full of vanilla, skin softening illipe butter and moringa oil. 

Lush Christmas bubble bars

THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS is my favorite bubble bar from this collection. When I hold it, I feel like a real fairy. It has a lot of glitter. While taking a photo for this post, everything around, including my hands and camera was covered in glitter. That’s how glittery it is. Cinnamon stick, cinnamon leaf and almonds will make your bath spicy and warm.

Lush Christmas bubble bars

STARDUST has vanilla, bergamot and rosewood. It will be a perfect relaxing and boosting your mind and body bath after a Christmas party.

I told you how great is this winter’s Lush collection and it’s just a teeny tiny part what I showed you today. I have to admit that I find their every collection great and fun. Have you already checked LUSH Winter 2015 collection in your shop?? Do you have your favorites?? I would love to know!!



    • October 27, 2015 / 4:56 pm

      Man irgi va sitaip buvo: "oooo dievuleliau, kaip tobula, noriu greiciau Kaledu" :)))

  1. October 27, 2015 / 8:42 pm

    You're pictures are so pretty and I love your cute text on this post 🙂 The Santa's Belly is really slippery but for me that makes it fun to use plus I love, love, love the smell! It smells more of autumn to me because autumn is apple juice time 😉 And the little stars are just too cute because they turn into glitter on my skin <3

  2. October 28, 2015 / 7:51 am

    Thank you Carmen! 😉 I totally agree on the scent, it smells delicious! And yes it's fun to use it, but only when I don't need to rush :))

  3. October 29, 2015 / 12:13 pm

    Santa Baby paliko įspÅ«dį, reiks nusipirkti. Tavo blogas – nerealus, džiaugiuosi Å¡iandien (!) atradusi:)

    • October 29, 2015 / 1:13 pm

      Labai dziaugiuosi, kad patiko, Karolina! :))

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