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magazine “Moteris”

Hey hey hey!! How are you doing???  I haven’t posted anything else since last Sunday. Sorry about that.. Today I will share my top three things of this week. Again 🙂 forgive me, but I really like this section, I hope you do the same 😉 First one, is the new issue of my favorite magazine “Moteris”. I can say that it’s my the most bought magazine, just because it has a lot of interesting and inspiring articles, a little bit of fashion and beauty stuff and other common topics. I really like this month’s issue, especially the interviews with young talents. So inspiring!

Crafting time

This Saturday my muse visited me..unexpectedly 🙂 I was so happy and welcomed her/him ( have no idea what my muse sex is :)) with my arms opened and used it wisely. Making cards is my thing, I really like it, so this time I took my paper supplies and got so involved in creating Valentine’s days cards. For my beloved ones.

Dry shampoo 

This week my saver is this dry shampoo. Don’t get me wrong, I do wash my hair and I do take care of myself, but it happened that I am sick abit and I can’t wash my hair for the particular reason, but still I need to go to the doctor, which means I can’t leave my home with dirty hair…oooh no no no way. So dry shampoo is my little miracle, ok fine, quite big miracle, helper. The result was amazing, fresh and light hair just in few minutes. I announce this dry shampoo best product of my week! Who created this?? I need to thank from all ladies!!


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