This weekend...

I was at my grandmother's place
Enjoyed real winter and family time
Baked louds of gingerbread and hildabrotchen cookies with my sister
Was nicely surprised by my dear friend Dima and his support on my blog, thank you!!!
Had a new haircut!!!! I cut my long hair and I feel so great, so new, so fresh. Ready to start New Year :)

Have a good week!!!

p.s. all the pictures were taken by me and my sister, who is amazing at taking them!

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  1. vis bandau suprast, ar ten tikri voratinkliai ar ten snaiges ar kas??

  2. beje, ta dezute su sausainiai atrodo fantastiskai! :) o tavo plaukai primena vaikyste :) tai dabar ir nenusprendziu, Monika -jaunuole ar Monika-moteris :))

    1. Ten susales voratinklis ant mociutes tvoros buvo. Sese pastebejo :) Zinai, bandom sakyti taip: Monika - jauna moteris :)))